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Welcome to NorAM, Inc.

NorAM is committed to providing high-performance paint booths that are tailored to meet each customer’s exact needs. Our spray booths, heat systems and prep stations are custom designed to provide the ideal finishing solution every time. NorAM manufactures affordable premium quality equipment that helps our clients be more successful.

"Your Competitive Edge for A Winning Finish"

NorAM is a leading U. S. manufacturer of paint booths and related equipment. We manufacture conventional paint booths for use inside buildings, as well as freestanding external paint booth structures for industrial and body shop applications.

NorAM also builds paint mixing rooms, powder coating booths, heated and unheated refinishing stations, curing ovens, paint booth control panels, and high-efficiency heated air makeup systems for paint booths and other equipment

Our innovative products have been providing the industry's best refinishing solutions since 1995. Our products are easily adapted for diverse applications such as clean rooms, comfort heating, machine control rooms, temporary shelters/warehousing, and other uses.

Typical customers of NorAM equipment include users from these markets: Automotive, Aerospace & Private Aviation, Governmental, Industrial, Manufacturing, Mass Transit, Military, Truck & Heavy Equipment, Woodworking. Please check our Product page to find the booth that best fits your application.